The Business Referral Network exists to help members build their business by generating and sharing business leads and referrals. Our organization provides a forum and seminars for business and professional development, and business networking tips and techniques.

BRN is devoted to developing into the preeminent leads group in Central New Jersey. Members become business referral sources for each other. We follow a process built on establishing knowledge in each others business and developing a solid trust factor, the foundation for all good referrals. Our process provides structure and accountability and is proven to work.

BRN was founded in 2004 by a group of area business owners. They recognized that referrals lead them to their best clients and customers and wanted to explore processes to systematize and accelerate this dynamic. Professionals in business run across many opportunities each and every day. The ones that are tuned into listening for opportunities for others become enormously important to the recipients, who respond in kind. And while these founding members tested and tried other nationally-recognized networking functions, there simply was not one that did not require a substantial investment in terms of money and time.

A BRN Meeting in progress

A BRN meeting in progress.

And the leads received in many of these other groups were contrived and undependable — the pressure was on quantity not quality. So they endeavored to take the best practices of the various groups they examined and develop their own. The Business Referral Network is the culmination of that research.

BRN provides the high level of reinforcement and accountability that a properly managed facilitated networking process creates, one that turns a group of ordinary business people into a referral marketing engine.

Does it Actually Work?

Every lead that is provided is reported and tracked. At the end of every year a summary of the business generated is compiled. In 2012 over $500,000 in new business was measured; considering repeat business the total annual amount of business transacted was over $1,000,000.

In most small businesses the owner is the rainmaker or person responsible for new business development. A salesforce of one. With a membership in BRN, and once you have been deemed credible and developed your know, like, and trust factor, every other member becomes an extension of your sales force. The leads and referrals they provide you represent new sales opportunities that you may never have enjoyed.

Can I Afford a Membership?

The annual monetary investment is actually quite small, but the return on investment in membership is astounding. Annually, the membership investment is nearly half of other facilitated networking groups, and a whole lot less burdensome. And unlike civic groups, BRN members are serious about growing each other’s business, not just drinking wine, eating cheese, and sharing stories.

How Can I get Started?

You are welcome to join us for a meeting, at no cost to you. Simply complete the form provided here and our membership chair will contact you with the upcoming meeting schedule, and to learn more about your business.

One caveat: membership is exclusive, meaning only one business per industry may hold a membership at the same time. It is possible for multiple consultative businesses to be in BRN, provided they agree to represent a specialty within their industry.

When you attend as a guest, be certain to bring lots of business cards, and a healthy appetite (we have a real breakfast at our meetings).