“I have been a member of BRN for over 8 years and it has helped me in so many ways more than just referrals. Through the BRN I have learned to become a better at doing my job through the sharing of new ways (and old ways) of becoming an effective business owner and salesperson. I would highly recommend BRN not only for the referrals or the knowledge learned but also the fact that we are like a family looking out for one another.”

— Tim PassarottiLiberty Mutual Insurance

Being a member for a few years I have built the “know, like and trust” relationships with other members. By meeting every other week you get to know the businesses and the people behind them. This makes it so easy to refer them to friends, family, and other businesses knowing the job they perform is done at an optimum level of expertise. We can’t forget about the delicious breakfast we enjoy during the meeting.

Cathy Sauer and Client March 2018 CROPPED
— Cathy SauerChasing Dreams Animal Therapy

My three years as a member with BRN has been very productive. The relationships I have been able to develop have really helped grow my business each year. To me, the trust and confidence we have in each other’s businesses and are abilities are most important to me.

— Robert Paolella

I joined The Business Referral Network almost a year ago and have found the members of my group to be very welcoming and supportive. I enjoy catching up with members every other week, building trust and relationships, so I can feel comfortable to refer them to any of my associates and clients. It is amazing the wealth of knowledge and experience that exists in one room, and to top it all off: the best breakfast in town!! The professional services industry can be an isolated working environment, so to be able to network outside of that industry with like-minded business owners is a benefit to myself and the growth of my business. The Business Referral Network offers such a rich environment of business professionals with an atmosphere that is always friendly. I would recommend this group to anyone growing a small to medium business.

— Christopher LipinskiLipinski CAD Engineering & Development

I have tried a few other networking groups in the area within the last 10 years. Each group I stuck with for a minimum of 2 years to make sure I had created a good relationship with the group members and even after two years, the groups felt unwelcoming, and leads my way were minimal. Regardless of my 99% attendance many years, as well as being a decent lead giver, and some rather nicely written elevator speeches complete with memorable taglines, I still was not benefiting from membership. During the first year and a half with BRN, I had received more leads than the last 5 years from “those other networking groups” combined. BRN meets bi-weekly, so I am now putting in half the amount of time and gaining over twice the number of referrals. Oh, and the breakfast is actually worth more than the room fee! No more frozen bagels for me. As for the first 5 years of my business networking experience, well, it was great practice for the group I am in now.

— Joe MoscatellAudio Video Synergy

I am very excited to be a part of the Business Referral Network. It’s such a fantastic group of local professionals with the same goal, MORE BUSINESS! Sitting down to a nice breakfast every other week is an added bonus. It’s great to have a network of people you can trust to refer to your contacts, and know have your back if they hear of a business opportunity for you. There is no better way to generate local business than to know, network with and refer those in your community.

— Roslin Staats

Managing a busy Orthodontic Practice does not leave a lot of time for business development. BRN allows me to work on my business while I build long lasting relationships with other business owners.The process is simple and it has helped over the years to bring new patients into my office. I highly recommend local business professionals to see if membership in BRN might help their business grow as it did mine.

— Dr. Charlie KrowickiKrowicki Orthodontics

Even after almost 10 years, I still look forward to the bi-monthly BRN meetings. Our band of merry businessmen and businesswomen has grown from five people to over 30 members and our productivity has really soared. Compared to other similar groups my business has been affiliated with, BRN has proven to be the least costly and most effective method for a successful word of mouth marketing campaign.

John Hyman
— John HymanZen Marketing

We have received new business directly from other BRN members, plus we get referrals from them. This has been a real easy way to grow our sales and we have also benefited from the products and services other members provide as well. It’s a great group and I enjoy attending the meetings and getting to know everyones business better.

— Anthony VolkA&K Electric Group

While so many rely on high tech methods to get the word out about their businesses, I find that the warmth  and “high touch” nature of BRN’s facilitated networking is worth its weight in gold.  When people get to know, like and trust each other they can genuinely recommend their associates’ businesses to the wider community. This leads to more high quality referrals and more sales. In my three years in BRN, I have found this to be true for my business as well as for the other members of the group. You just can’t beat the personal touch to help you grow your business!

Gail Patterson of Legal Shield
— Gail PattersonLegal Shield