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Industry Category: Marketing/Advertising


Company Overview

If you are looking for a small business marketing specialist in Hunterdon and Warren counties to help you increase your leads, sales, and profits, Zen Marketing Inc. may be the right partner. Zen Marketing Inc. specializes in developing strategic marketing and advertising programs that help our clients build successful and highly profitable businesses.

Clients come to Zen Marketing for:


  • Affordable compelling, searchable websites,
  • Managed website hosting,
  • Inbound Marketing Campaigns,
  • Marketing Plan Development,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Words of Mouth referral marketing programs,
  • Event Marketing,
  • Logo and graphic art design,
  • and Social Media campaigns.

Zen Marketing Inc. will allow you to achieve your vision using the most powerful direct response marketing techniques ever developed. We are experts at both traditional and digital marketing, and a Constant Contact® Solution Provider for over ten years.

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What Clients Say About Zen Marketing

“It’s inspiring to be around someone so absolutely positive”

“It helped me think of my business in a whole new light,” she said. “I’m doing mar­keting I never would have thought of and that’s brought in new business.”

“As always, thank you so much for all you do for me and the rest of the board(s). I really appreciate your coaching, feedback, insight, knowledge sharing, and occasional kicks in the butt. I also love that you take time outside of the coaching sessions and meetings to support us and use your skills to create materials for us.”

“John is an amazing businessman! When he speaks, people really want to listen to what he has to say since they know he has something worthwhile to share. My partner and I are quite fond of John, and when we go to business functions, we are always so happy to see him, plus have the opportunity to chat with him.”

“A big part of why we are in business today, in this economy, is thanks to the board,” she said. “It provides a lot of clarity and objective feedback for things that sometimes we don’t see because my husband and I spend so much time in the studio.”

“John is a local leader within our community who definitely “thinks outside of the box” and encourages people to become the best at what they do for a living.”

“We will always be “Raving Fans” of Mr. John Hyman!”


Managed Website Hosting on Our Server

We design websites that provide a great user experience and securely host them. Ask to see some live demonstrations.


Content Creation Expertise

White papers, e-0books, blog posts, professionally written or curated.


Social Media Campaigns

Professional photography, and intelligent distribution.


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