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Company Overview
Ready Fast Service, Inc. is the areas best choice for quality garage doors, and garage door systems. The company was founded by Bill Wohltmann, who began specializing as a Garage Door Systems expert in 1988, studying different brands and models. Over time he found one brand, Liftmaster – an upgraded door operator made by Chamberlain but built to near-commercial standards – was superior to almost anything the big box stores made available for purchase.

Ready Fast Service offers Liftmaster openersThere are Liftmaster models that operate with chains, others with belts, and several even communicate to your smartphone. Some models even operate during power outages, as they have an internal backup battery. They utilize state of the art security, insuring your remote frequencies are constantly changing. One model even has an automatic closure timing capability, so your door closes even if you forget to close it.

Bill also learned that the condition of the door is important but the springs were the key to efficient operations. Even the best door operator will falter if the springs are insufficient for the weight and size of the door they are assigned to open. Many of today’s doors are heavily insulated and can be very heavy. The right combination of operator and springs is paramount to long life expectancy and consistent operation.

When should you replace your springs? Obviously when the springs breaks but annual checks can help identify potential issues. And, if you have dual side stretch springs this can be dangerous. Many people are seriously injured, and automobiles damaged, by snapping springs. So insure you have safety cables (Bill won’t install them any other way!)

Liftmaster designs products that make home access easier, and put you in control of how you come and go. Their latest advances include MyQ® Technology, Security+ 2.0™, Battery Backup and their specially designed P3 Motors™ which allow their products to best serve your specific needs while keeping you safe and connected at all times.


Confidently know what’s going on at home with MyQ® Technology. From Garage Door Openers, Commercial Door Operators, Gate Operators, Access Control Systems and Accessories, Liftmaster has a full range of products that can help you monitor and control your garage door or gate – even if you don’t have a LiftMaster. By connecting with your smartphone, tablet or computer, staying connected and in control has never been easier. Ask Bill about MyQ® for your home or business.

P3 Motors™

You can rely Liftmaster’s durable and powerful P3 Motors™. Each is specifically designed to provide maximum performance for your chosen application, so you can rely on your door or gate to open quickly and safely every time.

Battery Backup

Get onto your property and into your garage even when the power is out with the patented Battery Backup. Paired with Liftmaster’s ultra-efficient power management system, their Garage Door Openers and Operators have the longest standby time available on the market.

Safety and Security

When it comes to the safety and security of your home or business, only the best will do. That means getting the right equipment and having it properly installed, giving you the peace of mind that it will work how it should when you need it to. Bill is the expert and can introduce you to the many home and business safety features.

“I installed a Liftmaster operator in 1966 and it is still on the job. – Bill Wohltmann”

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garage_door_woodWhat Clients Say About Ready Fast Service

“It’s great to meet someone with Bill’s obvious passion and equally obvious expertise”
“We had no idea what to look for but Bill showed us the right models that fit our budget”
“I highly recommend Bill and Ready Fast Service. Our system has been operating perfectly for years thanks to Bill’s knowledge and maintenance.”