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BRN Member Information
Christopher Lipinski, Owner/CAD Engineer
Telephone: (908) 312-0878
Mobile: (908) 202-2999
Skype: lipinskicad
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Industry Category: Computer Aided Design

Company Overview

Lipinski CADLipinski CAD is an engineering business like no other. We can transform your ideas and visions with the help of the latest Computer Aided Design capabilities. We make outsourcing CAD simple, direct, and affordable. More importantly, we do it extremely well, while giving you back time to improve your company in other aspects.

Lipinski CAD has the ability to blend Industrial and/or Engineering design with Graphic Design, 3D imagery and CNC prototyping. Our clients rely on us to provide experience in the development of new or existing projects. Your company will benefit from our proven ability to visualize projects before they are complete, allowing for a seamless transition to a finished product.

Specializing in 3D solid modeling and surface modeling with various 3D and 2D CAD packages, our process will ensure you can promote your designs before completion. Utilizing realistic rendering techniques, we can put your products in brochures, postcards, and banners to help you start advertising before you are in production.

Outsourcing CAD also reduces your IT overhead, recruiting expenses, and provides greater expertise and performance.

Located in Bloomsbury, New Jersey, Lipinski CAD works and collaborates with other talented people in the area, we have developed a business that offers a unique advantage to clients.


Lipinski CAD has experience in 2D to 3D Conversion in the process of transforming 2D product, factory, or building designs from a 2-dimensional drawing to a 3-dimensional model. Our contributions in 3D modeling shortens design time and also improves the communication within an organization, as well as among its suppliers and customers.

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What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

“I have recently worked with Chris on a very detailed project. This required multiple assembly options, coordination with two different production operations and working with another CAD operator from one of our subcontractors. Chris impressed with both his attention to detail and professionalism working with a larger project team. The project recently completed and our client was thrilled with the end result. Chris was an incredible asset to have and a key member of the team.”
– MM, Exhibit Fabricator Project Manager