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Timothy Nerger, Owner

Office: (908) 437-6084

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website: http://sunoco-lebanon.com


Industry Category: Automotive service and gasoline (Phillips 66)


Company Overview

Lebanon Friendly Auto Service is a local, family-owned business conveniently located in the heart of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. They offer a full range of diagnostic & repair services, including expert electrical and electronic troubleshooting. They also pride ourselves on the speed and accuracy of our diagnoses and repairs, with most repairs completed the same day, subject to availability of required parts.

On any given day Lebanon Friendly Auto Service works on vehicles ranging from the $150,000 dollar range to a $1,000 dollar vehicle. Being located in Lebanon, NJ for over 15 years has given us both name recognition and stability with our client base. They began as a local business in 2000, as a partnership between two friends who had many years of experience in the auto repair business. Their passion for cars and their strong work ethics have allowed them to build a large following of satisfied customers.

We want to be recognized as fair and honest, because we work in an industry that has a horrible reputation. Every day someone comes into the shop with a story of how they were being taken advantage of, by a dealership or a larger brand name auto repair or tire shop. That is simply not who we are, not want to be. We would rather do the work that is really needed, at a fair price.

At Lebanon Friendly Auto Service both foreign and domestic vehicles can be serviced. Don’t be surprised to see ambulances or Postal carrier vehicles in one of our work bays! If your car, truck, SUV, or even a commercial vehicle ever needs service, repairs, or just routine maintenance give them a call and get an estimate.

Services Offered

      • Oil and Oil Filters change (we have seven different engine oils for specific applications)
      • Steering and Suspension (Shock Absorbers and Struts)
      • Tire balancing and rotation… or even a new set, if you need them
      • Belt replacement
      • Air conditioning recharging and service
      • Heater system repairs
      • Fuel Injection cleaning
      • Ignition wiring and cables, even Spark Plugs
      • About to buy a used car? Let us check it out for you first, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.




What Clients Say About Lebanon Friendly Sunoco

Lebanon Friendly Auto Service has been great! Both my car and my wife’s SUV are serviced there and we never feel like they are taking advantage of us. After two years now we would never think of going anywhere else.

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