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The Business Referral Network exists to help members build their business by generating professional business leads and referrals.  Our organization provides a forum and seminars for business and professional development, and business networking tips and techniques.

BRN is devoted to developing into the preeminent leads group in Central New Jersey.  Members become business referral sources for each other.  We follow a process built on establishing knowledge in each others business and developing a solid trust factor, the foundation for all good referrals.  Our process provides structure and accountability and is proven to work.

Build a Network of Partners

Build a network of partners, who will be your ears and listen for new opportunities for you, and vice versa, you for them. Our approach to networking is because it is mutually beneficial.

Expand Your Marketing Reach

Are you able to measure the return of your advertising results? Would you like to reduce your advertising spend while leveraging a measurable process that delivers results?

Make Lots of New Friends

BRN helps people make new friends. The people you meet in BRN have a lot in common with you. You can pursue relationships with them beyond just business advantages, but to share common interests and fun.

Increase Your Sales

The most effective business networking is not all about you and what the contact can do for you. Successful business networking is about what you can do for them. And, you need to trust in the law of reciprocity- what goes around comes around.

Core Benefits of BRN Membership

Super Powerful, Low Investment, and Easy to Participate

BRN supports a broad and diverse mix of industries and professions

Benefits of membership with The Business Referral Network are obvious: we are less demanding in our rules and regulations and our investment requirements are significantly less than other similar organizations.  BRN realizes for business professionals to actively participate in our process they need to be given the respect and understanding their experience and business acumen deserves.  But because BRN does not have to report to state or federal offices, not share in the financial overhead these create, we can offer the benefits and value of any other networking and referral organization..

  • Increase the exposure of your business or company

  • Substantially increase the rate of new leads

  • Expand the reach of your marketing without a substantial increase in your spend

  • A broad and diverse mix of industries

  • Enjoy tools to help you network effectively

  • Participate in up to 26 meetings

  • Discounts on area trade shows and events

  • Establish friendships with like-minded business professionals

Member Testimonials

The BRN Process is proven to work

Our Skills & Services

Who We Are & What We Do

What we are good at

There are many advantages to participating in the right facilitated networking organization.

Lead Generation 90%
Expanded Marketing Reach 75%
Revenue Acceleration 60%
Enhanced Business Acumen 45%

bigstock-Business-Meeting-6443597_SMALLMember businesses in the Business Referral Network provide business coaching, marketing and advertising consulting, business accounting, printing services, promotional advertising products, web design, computer repairs, financial planning, and strategic planning. The professionals involved in BRN have the experience and expertise to help business owners achieve success.

Every service that local homeowners may need to maintain the comfort and investment of their home or commercial building can be obtained from one of the member businesses of the Business Referral Network.

  • Electrical Contracting

  • Fine Home Painting

  • Mortgages

  • Real Estate Brokerage

  • Construction and Renovation

  • Automotive Maintenance

  • Banking and Savings

  • Music and Performance Instruction

  • Appliance Repairs

  • Commercial Roofing

  • Travel & Destination Planning
  • Interior Decorating
  • Wedding Photography
  • Life Photography
  • Wedding Videography
  • Office Supplies
  • Child and Adult Orthodontics
  • Professional Headshots
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Computer Repairs
  • Canine and Equine Massage
  • Safe and Effective Weight Loss
  • Music Instruction
  • Canine and Equine Photonic Therapy
  • English Language Instruction
  • Alternative Medicine & Holistic Practitioner
  • Hair Styling and Coloring
  • Jewelry and Jewelry Repair
  • Child and Adult Orthodontics
  • Auto, Personal,and Property Insurance

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